Your Driving Posture Could Cost You Your Neck!


The image above depicts the aftermath of the driver headrest resulting from poor driving posture.


Protect your neck!

Since 1999, Considering medical expenses, disability, sick leave, lost work productivity and litigation, The United States has annually accounted for $8.5 Million Dollars in economic expenses for neck-related injuries. These Whiplash injuries affect approximately 1 in 2,266 or 120,000 people per year in the US.

Whiplash Misconception

In the event of an accident, your seat’s headrest actually becomes a head restraint. It is a common misconception that the headrest in your vehicle is provided just for comfort. This is not the only purpose served as a headrest has a crucial obligation to restrain and protect ya neck from whiplash along with maintaining good posture.

What Is Whiplash and How to Prevent It?

Whiplash is the act of someone’s neck being thrown in the direction of impact in the event of an accident or collision. Many may believe that front/rear end accidents are solely responsible for these injuries. However, your driving posture may actually be the main problem if you are slouching, leaning forward too much or otherwise not allowing your head to rest on the headrest. This is one of the main causes of neck-related injuries in these collisions.

What Vehicle Manufacturers Are Doing About This:

Some vehicle manufacturers have integrated whiplash preventative designs for headrests to avoid the ongoing issue associated with improper headrest usage. Mercedes-Benz and NECKPRO are two major partners who have collaborated to bring drivers the safety of the Active Head Restraint System.
Below are multiple links which demonstrate or explain the purpose of the Active Head Restraints in the event of an accident.

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Written by Roger A. Fleenor


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January 8th, 2018