Tips for Buying Used Auto Parts ✔

happy customer buying a used part

Whether you are buying a part for your DIY project or mechanic, being an automotive expert is not required! Benzeen makes buying used auto parts easy. This is Benzeen’s tip list for buying used auto parts.

What to consider before buying used auto parts:

Do I want to buy used, new or aftermarket auto parts?

  • Buying used parts is an affordable alternative to new and aftermarket parts. And, is great for the environment since used parts don’t require manufacturing of new materials. Aftermarket parts are not always made to spec resulting in fitment issues. New parts are a perfect OEM fit but come at a high premium. Our used parts are OEM and guaranteed to fit! Alternatively, Benzeen also offers warrantied rebuilt engines and transmissions which offer a more reliable option.

How can I be confident in my purchase and be protected?

  • Depending on where you shop, warranty options are available to protect your part. Here at Benzeen, we offer a hassle-free 1 Year Warranty with extended options. We offer this because every part is tested and inspected for quality assurance and your safety and satisfaction is our goal.

How do I know what part do I need?

  • If you are receiving part details from your mechanic, or figuring it out yourself, a Part Specialist from Benzeen is ready to help. More details are below!

Before you buy:

1. Identify Your Part# or VIN#.
  • The part number is usually an arrangement of numbers or letters on the part itself which can be compared with the replacement part.
  • The VIN# is 17 characters long and typically located on your vehicle’s paperwork, driver door jamb or driver side windshield.
  • Send us photos if your part is unknown or the part number is not readable, Our sophisticated part software can pull up diagrams to source the exact part you need.
  • We welcome you to contact us to verify part compatibility.
  • A quick call to the dealer can also help you find your part# (you can also find out how much $$ you are saving off new, haha).
2. Buying In-person, Over-the-phone, or Online.
  • Have your quote or reference number ready if available (over the phone).
  • Send us your VIN#! Our sophisticated parts software can display diagrams for the exact part you need.
  • Compare your part number and/or trim code to ensure compatibility.
  • Read the details listed in the item’s description to be certain about the part you are purchasing.
3. Always Double Check!!
  • Review the part number on the website and compare the OEM part number on the part itself if available or contact us for more information.
  • Double check the images and compare to your own part to be certain of your purchase.
  • Images marked with “Stock image” represent an identical part but may not be exact.
4. Shipping Considerations for Large or Heavy Parts


(Applies to Engines, Transmissions, Hoods, Fenders, Doors, Trunk Lids, Bumpers, Axle Beams and More)


  • Parts heavier than 75 pounds cannot ship via FedEx and may require a Freight Delivery. Shipping costs may be greater than expected, please contact us for more information.
  • Freight orders can only be shipped to business/commercial addresses that have a visible company logo AND have access to a forklift to remove the package/pallet or a $75 surcharge will be added to your shipping cost. Some Freight orders may be picked up at a local shipping hub if a commercial shipping address is unavailable.
  • Keep in mind, Parts shipping via FedEx cannot exceed 165 inches in Length and Girth combined (Girth = 2 times width) plus (2 times height), consider alternative shipping services. We will let you know if an item can be shipped via another service.

For any additional questions, we welcome you to contact us at (877) 247-1717 !


November 29th, 2017