Why Buy Used Auto Parts? 🍃

used auto parts are good for the environment

Benzeen offers an affordable and environmentally-conscious alternative to purchasing new or aftermarket auto parts. Used auto parts cost you less while offering the same function as a new or aftermarket part for your vehicle.

Going Green Saves You Green
Buying used benefits everyone, you can expect to save up to 70% off MSRP or Manufactures Suggested Retail Price for new and aftermarket parts while enjoying the same great OEM fit and a 1 Year Warranty. Every part is tested and inspected, so your part is guaranteed for longer.

Environmental Effects
It is known that new and aftermarket part production facilities release smog into the air we breathe and cut down trees to mine precious metals. Uncared for auto parts seem to find their way into places they don’t belong like in the ocean where whales mistake auto parts for food. National Geographic covered a case of this here: Car Parts Found Inside Whales.

How We Help
Benzeen Auto Parts is also part of a network of auto recyclers that abide by environmental regulations to properly drain and recycle vehicle fluids such as oil and antifreeze from our parts to keep the environment clean. We provide a valuable service of placing quality used OEM parts back into the market place offering a second chance to great functioning auto parts.




December 1st, 2017